Mead Construction are AWA registered to carry out sewer connections. If you are interested in connecting your property to the public sewer the application process can be found here:

If the connection point is located in an area outside of your ownership, you will need permission from the land owner. If it is in the highway this will usually be the County Council.
Cambridgeshire County Council’s forms and instructions can be found here.

Please note that it usually takes in the region of 3 months to gain legal approval for the works to commence, and longer if a road closure is required.

If you are building a new dwelling and require a drop crossing we would be happy to quote. Please find our link here.

We work with a range of different clients in the local areas, ensuring that no matter how big or small your requirements are, we still provide the same high levels of customer service and workmanship. As experienced contractors in Cambridge we always go the extra mile to see our clients get the best possible service; customer satisfaction is our main priority!